November 1, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
online--stay tuned for registration info

stand up to workplace bullyingFrom the playground to the boardroom to seats of government, bullying is an issue of growing concern affecting managers, HR professionals, mediators, and employees and citizens alike. While bullying is not the same interpersonal conflict, conflict resolution skills are very useful in identifying and resolving bullying issues.

Through short presentation and exercises you will:

  • Learn what bullying is and how it differs from interpersonal conflict.
  • Understand how culture affects acceptability of bullying behaviors.
  • Identify common bullying behaviors in workplaces.
  • Experience techniques to help you intervene and prevent bullying effectively.

Meet Lorraine Segal, conflict and communication coach and trainerLorraine Segal, M.A., Conflict Management and Communication Coach and Teacher through her business Conflict Remedy, offers consulting, coaching, and training for business executives, managers, and employees to help them navigate conflict, communicate clearly, understand bullying, and help create a harmonious and productive workplace. Her clients have included the Department of the Interior, St. Joseph Health,  banks, businesses, and non profits. As well as being  a Brāv instructor, she also teaches at Sonoma State University. Her own experience of being bullied as a tenured professor at a community college has just been published in a new book, Stand up, Speak Out against Workplace Bullying.