Meet Lorraine

Meet Lorraine Segal, a communication and conflict management coach, consultant and educator who …

shares practical tools for resolving conflict and improving communication

brings holistic insight for creating respectful relationships

takes a spiritual approach for developing compassion and understanding

About herself and her work, Lorraine says:

“I bring communication expertise, creative problem-solving, a compassionate heart and spiritual connection to shine a healing light on workplace problems.”

Through her own and clients’ journeys, Lorraine has learned to forgive herself and others. She holds a bigger, loving perspective for all of us on the path to working together in harmony.

More than 30 years of experience:

  • Private practice coach, consultant and trainer — Conflict Remedy
  • Conflict management instructor, Sonoma State University
  • Conflict resolution educator, St. Joseph Health Center
  • Consultant, trainer and coach — various nonprofits and corporations, such as M.E.N., Special Needs Santa Rosa, State Fund and Duckhorn Winery
  • Coach and trainer, Chi Resolution, for the Department of the Interior

Post-graduate education

  • MA, TESOL and intercultural communication
  • Conflict Resolution Certification
  • Conflict Management Coach Certification

Before I started to gain the skills and understanding I have now, I experienced many daunting workplace challenges as both a manager and employee. And I made many mistakes that contributed to conflict, stress, miscommunication and bullying. From my experience, I have learned a lot about the tender souls we often hide inside, and about the fears, shame and blame that block us from understanding ourselves and others and from moving forward together.

I walked my own path to forgive myself and others first. I found ways to release blame and resentments and found the relief, joy and energy that come from compassion and understanding. When I began coaching and teaching conflict management and clear communication, I realized that my clients and students needed this gentle loving just as much as I did. I came to see that when we engage our heart and spirit, along with practical methods, positive change takes place.

Today I am able to create safe, supportive environments where you can feel safe and speak your truth. I listen deeply and guide you to more meaningful communication through techniques such as inner dialoguing and guided visualizations, as well as practical skill building. My knowledge of better ways to resolve conflict comes from my lived experience, as well as my professional and spiritual path.

— Lorraine

Lorraine’s depth of understanding & knowledge, her guidance and encouragement and the extremely helpful handouts were very valuable. She created a safe environment that for me was quite transformational.

Ellen VandenBerg

Business Coach/Consultant

Lorraine is an intuitive presenter who engages people immediately. A+!

Laurie Fong

Principal, Montgomery High School

I just had the most AMAZING session with Lorraine Segal, who is a talented Conflict Resolution educator and counselor. Folks, I have had a DANG LOT of therapy in my life, but I’m telling you, one hour with Lorraine did me more good than many months of talk

I am really surprised at how much this helped me. If you are struggling with a difficult relationship, or if you are stuck in some way, I highly recommend Lorraine.

It was also a lot of FUN! How about that?

Gayatri Sherry Van Dyke

Web Designer