Services: Consulting, Teaching, Coaching

Learn to communicate better, manage conflict and create a more harmonious and productive workplace.

Complimentary 30-minute consultation
If you want a better idea how I can help you improve the dynamics of your workplace, let’s talk. We’ll start with an honest assessment of your workplace, what’s working and what’s not. We’ll clarify the heart of the issues that need to be addressed. Then, together, we’ll create a customized program tailored to your organization. Whether you need a training session for your whole team or one-on-one coaching, we’ll make a plan that will get you the results you’re looking for.

Workshops and Training
Conflict happens; it’s natural. But you don’t have to be stuck in opposition! I help you and your team create an open and safe environment where everyone can grow beyond discord. Through interactive and engaging workshops and training sessions I help managers, leaders and staff listen with an open mind and express themselves with honesty and compassion.

Learn or expand your fundamental communication and conflict management skills, gain confidence, take responsibility and be open to the possibility of change.

Workshops and trainings are custom designed for your workplace needs and may cover a range of topics, including:

  • Practicing effective communication skills
  • Learning conflict management skills
  • Letting go of grudges and resentments
  • Giving and receiving feedback productively
  • Dealing with bullying behavior
  • Navigating challenging colleagues effectively

Individual coaching
If you or individuals on your staff need help with a particular area of conflict management, then one-on-one coaching is a good idea. Within a safe and supportive environment where you are heard, I work individually with you, developing effective skills for a more cooperative and productive workplace.

Learn and practice how to:

  • Change attitude and behavior patterns
  • Handle confrontations
  • Become confident, courageous and compassionate

Dialogue coaching
When two people continue to lock heads and feel disempowered and misunderstood, working together with a skilled communication coach is the answer. I bring the opportunity for contentious pairs to grow out of conflict and into harmony. With compassion and insight, I work with you in a way that is comforting yet also challenges you to grow.

Dialogue coaching makes is possible for co-workers to practice better communication in a real-world relationship. This powerful approach gets to the heart of problems quickly, building skills and bringing workable resolutions whose effect resonates throughout the workplace.

birds across the sky
Before talking with Lorraine, I had lost so much respect for my supervisor that at times we would not speak to each other for days; even though our offices were right next to each other.  I looked at him as someone who was not qualified to run this organization, acted like a bully, and did not respect me because I was a woman. Lorraine gave me tools to work with my supervisor so he would see and appreciate me for my skills and I felt I was being heard.   She made me realize that I was contributing to the negative work environment just as much as him.  Lorraine gave me skills to actually listen to my supervisor rather than tune him out as soon as he opened his mouth. By the time I had worked with Lorraine through several sessions, I had gained new respect and empathy for my supervisor, we were actually communicating and not just yelling at each other, and I stopped seeing him from a negative and adversarial viewpoint. Thank you Lorraine!  In 3 short months you turned my 4 year negative work environment into a positive experience. Mary Kralovec

Assistant Refuge Manager, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge

The devotion and energy you bring to teaching, and the tools you share and teach in your thoughtfully designed classes create an environment where Love Wins – one conflict resolution scenario at a time.

You have a special gift and I won’t hesitate to recommend you as a teacher and this class as a must.


Andrea Pozzi

CFO, Rolling Hills Club