Let Go and Forgive

Do you want to stop being mad at other people who hurt you? 

Are you sick of feeling resentful? 

Are you longing to forgive yourself for the past?

Lorraine’s story:

Lorraine Segal is a forgiveness expert. With passionate conviction, clarity, and compassion, she shares the best of practical and spiritual tools she has gathered and created during her own and clients’ journeys so they release resentments and regrets and move toward forgiveness and peace. About her work, Lorraine says, “All it takes to forgive ourselves and others is willingness and practice, and the miracles unfold!”

When you work with Lorraine you can:

  • ◆ Stop feeling like a victim.
  • ◆ Free your energy and thinking from old painful memories, resentments and shame.
  • ◆ Move fully into the present with joy & possibility.

Working with Lorraine is right for you if:

  • ◆ You are on a spiritual or self healing path,
  • ◆ You have a feeling that holding resentments and regrets is blocking you from a full beautiful life and a peaceful heart.
  • ◆ You are ready and willing to change, with help and support.

The Forgiveness FormulaA six month group coaching program.

Let Go and Forgive – free presentations  in Sonoma County  in  January and February.

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